From Lethargy to Light

the three gunas - a new year reset

With inspiring yoga teacher Bobbi Paidel from 
Yoga philosophy expert Katharine Pincham from 
Ayurvedic practitioner Donna Papania from
The three gunas—sattwa (clarity, awareness), rajas (energy, activity) and tamas (inertia, solidity )—are the powers of nature that shape our human experience. All three are necessary and helpful at certain times. When they are correctly balanced, they enable us to rest well, move freely, think clearly, and live happily and peacefully. But when too much of one guna predominates at the wrong time, we can swing between feeling anxious/restless and depressed/lethargic in our daily lives. 
In this 3 part online workshop you will:
  • Become alert to the affect of the gunas on your own mental and physical well-being
  • Be guided to experience how specific asana, pranayama, mantra and meditations can help you to move away from tamas, through rajas and into sattwa. 
  • Become confident in your understanding of how yoga can be tailored to balance the gunas 
  • Discover how the effect of the gunas differs depending on a person’s ayurvedic dosha balance and which particular ayurvedic therapies can help bring both the doshas and gunas back into balance
  • Find out how the 3 gunas fit into the practice and philosophy of yoga, including looking at what different scriptures says about the effects of the gunas on our thoughts and actions
  • Explore what Krishna means in the Bhagavad Gita when he tells Arjuna that he must go beyond the three gunas
  • Plenty of time for questions and answers
It is ideal for anyone who has some experience of hatha yoga and wants to delve deeper into yoga philosophy in a practical, experiential way


The 3 part online workshop next takes place on over 3 Sundays – the 8th, 15th and 22nd January 2023

Each session starts at 5pm UK (9am PST/12 noon EST) and lasts 2 – 2.5 hours


Recordings (which can also be downloaded) will be made available to everyone who attends the workshop and to anyone who can’t make the sessions ‘live’. 

£119 in total. 


If you have any further questions about this workshop, we’d be happy to answer them. Please get in touch via my contact page or email Bobbi at or Donna at