upanishads study group

Non-duality & unity consciousness for today

Have you every picked up a copy of the Upanishads but found it really difficult to get to grips with? If so, it’s not at all surprising.  The Upanishads were based on in-depth conversations between spiritual teachers and their students that happened over many thousands of years. And when some very condensed verses were finally written down, they were still meant as a starting point for questions and answers concerning the deepest truththe underlying unity (yoga) of the universe, the divine Being and the individual.

This is because this truth cannot be understood fully through our minds, it has to be experienced directly through an expansion of consciousness. And the very conversation itself (the ‘satsang’) is the means for this expansion Alongside other practices of yoga, the questioning, listening, assimilating, meditating on and re-questioning help a person come to know themselves for what they really are— undivided, eternal, ever-present, complete, whole. Experiencing this unity as the basis of our existence leads to a deep-sense of contentment, fulfilment, connectedness, freedom and peace.  

The next Upanishads study group will start in September 2022 and will be focusing on the Kena UpanishadIf you are interested in joining this group, please contact me through the contact page

Price and payment details the price is £15 per class if paid separately or £125 for ten classes paid in advance. (You can choose to pay for just one class to see if it resonates with you first. If you then decide to sign up for ten in advance, I will give you a discount code so you are reimbursed for the amount of the first class).