Meditations on Oneness

Live from the Himalayas

Himalayan temple amidst mountains and pine forests

Many students who’ve done online courses with me have said that they find the meditations at the end of each session particularly powerful.

Meditation is such an important practice for anyone wanting to understand yoga philosophy because it gently allows us to become familiar with the nature of Pure Consciousness through our own direct experience. It transforms the study of vedic and yogic scriptures from being just an intellectual exercise to being a direct exploration of our own true Self.

Towards the end of April (2023) I’m going back to the ashram in the Himalayas in northern India where I lived for many years. It will be my first time back since 2019. I’ll be there until early June.

Day and Time

Taking advantage of the meditative atmosphere there, every Monday throughout May I’m going to be leading meditations ‘live’ on zoom at 5.30pm UK (BST) time, which is 9.30am PDT and 12.30pm EDT. They will start on 1st May. There will be 5 in total.

The sessions will be 45 minutes in total. Each will have a short introduction, then I will be guiding participants inwards, helping them to recognise the nature of their own Pure Consciousness, the Consciousness which never changes and is the same for all of us. This part will last 10-15 minutes. Then we will meditate together in silence.


Each session costs £4.50 and there is an option to pay for all 5 at once for £20. I particularly don’t want anyone not to attend because they can’t afford it, so if this amount is still unaffordable for you, please contact me directly.

 If you choose to pay for one meditation, please let me know which date you would like to join by adding a note in your order or by emailing me at 


A zoom link to the recording and an audio file of the session will be sent out afterwards to everyone who has signed up, whether or not you have been able to attend ‘live’.

If you have any further questions, please email me at