Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Study Group

Part 1: Samadhi Pada verse by verse

Indian miniature of a Yogini and her student

An online study group exploring part 1 of the Yoga Sutras over 7 weekly 90 minute sessions.

Many yoga teachers will have been given an overview of the Yoga Sutras in their YTT, but there’s so much more to discover when you explore this ancient text in depth, one sutra (verse) at a time. 

This group is intended for anyone who is ready to understand the teachings at the heart of yoga through study, guided self-inquiry, practice and direct experience. 

The sessions will focus on the first section of Patanjali – Samadhi Pada, which explores how, as a human being, you can investigate your inner reality and come to know yourself as the Purusha, the infinite, divine Being that is the true essence of your mind, your body and the whole of creation. And it provides a map to the experiences and the obstacles that you’re likely to encounter on the way. 

Themes covered include:

  • How to de-identify from—or come to know that you are not—your thoughts through abhyasa (practice) and vairagya (detachment). Who or what are you free from your thoughts? 
  • The states of mind to be cultivated to help gain the experience of samadhi, or Oneness
  • The meaning of Om and how it can be used to bring you back to your divinity 
  • The 9 mental distractions that prevent you from realising your divinity and the physical symptoms that accompany these distractions
  • The specific practices to be used to calm these mental distractions 
  • The different levels of samadhi in meditation and how these are experienced
  • How the knowledge that arises through meditation and yoga practice is different from knowledge that is learned or that comes through ‘thinking’
  • The vision of Oneness or non-duality — what this really means and how it is achieved.

Each class will end with a guided meditation which will be based on the knowledge and practices discussed in the session.

There are 51 verses in part 1 of the Yoga Sutras. Some verses will need more time and attention than others so we’ll pace our study accordingly.  


The study group will be starting on Sunday 5th May at 5pm UK (BST) time which is 9am PDT and 12 noon EDT. Each session will be 90 minutes and will be held on the following Sundays:
Sunday 5th May
Sunday 12th May
Sunday 19th May
Sunday 2nd June
Sunday 9th June
Sunday 16th June
Sunday 23rd June


If you can’t attend any of the group meetings ‘live’, you can choose to get the zoom recordings instead 


The price is £145 for 7 classes paid in advance.