Bringing the gita to life

An introduction to the story and teachings of the
bhagavad gita

A 90-minute session once a week for eight weeks exploring the most important teachings of the Bhagavad Gita with a focus on allowing them to transform your daily lived experience. Ideal for those who are new to the Gita. 
The next course will start in September 2023. Days and times to be confirmed. Attend the classes ‘live’ or watch the recordings. Those who are only able to watch the recordings will have the option of having two complementary 30-40 minute zoom meetings with me at mutually convenient times over the course of the 8 weeks to answer any questions that come up for you.  
About the Course
Unlike the vedas and many other Hindu scriptures whose teachings were often aimed at monks living in seclusion, the Bhagavad Gita was specifically written for people living in the world and its teachings are as relevant today as they ever were. 

This course is aimed at students who are new to this beautiful scripture.

Covered in the course:
  • Understanding the story of the Gita and what the characters represent. Why does the action take place on a battlefield and why does Krishna tell Arjun that he must fight, when an important yogic practice is ahimsa?!
  • Clear explanations of the key teachings of the Gita. What does it mean when Krishna tells Arjun that he must give up the results of his actions? What is karma yoga? What are the three gunas or qualities of nature and why are they so important? What does Krishna really mean when he tells Arjun to be devoted to him? 
  • A practical look at how the teachings of the Gita can help us in our daily lives, particularly when it comes to: thinking clearly and making decisions; acting freely without fear; finding a place of steadiness in yourself that isn’t disturbed by the ups and downs of changing circumstances; becoming at peace with your path in life. 
  • A look at the meaning of a selection of Sanskrit words used in the original text that don’t have simple English translations. Some you may already be familiar with such as dharma, karma and bhakti while others may be new to you, but together they hold the key to living a life aligned with the values of yoga.
  • An exploration of the spiritual essence of the Gita, the knowledge of the eternal Pure Conciousness, and how we can come to know this as our own essence, unlimited by any sense of insecurity or smallness. 
  • Plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.
If you have any further questions about the course, I’d be happy to answer them. Please get in touch via my Contact page.
The price is £165 but there will be an early bird discount available earlier in 2023. There will also be the opportunity to pay in two instalments.