Advaita Vedanta

Exploring the Vision of Oneness

Next course starts: February 2023 – exact dates and times to be confirmed


A six-week introduction to the philosophy of Oneness or non-dualism. Each weekly class is 2 hours and includes a practical exercise, a guided meditation and plenty of time for questions and answers. 
Most yoga practices were originally devised to open the yogi’s awareness to the fact that, in reality, we are all one Pure Consciousness. But what does this really mean? How come the experience of our senses seems so convincingly to inform us that we are individual, separate entities? And how can we learn to undo this false sense of separation?

This six week course gives an introduction to the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, or non-dualism. The programme will cover:

  • The undivided (non-dual) nature of your essence, your being, described in scriptures as Sat Chit Ananda, meaning Pure Existence, Pure Consciousness, Pure Bliss
  • The nature of maya, or illusion—why isn’t the fact that we are Pure Existence always obvious to us? Why does a person believe so strongly that they are just a separate mind/body? 
  • The mental attitudes and practices that allow us to recognise and come to identify as that pure, free Being.
  • The nature of manifestation—how the 3 gunas and 5 koshas cover the Self and create the human experience
  • An investigation into the 3 states of consciousness (waking state, dream state, deep sleep) 
  • The significance of Om, the 4th State, and how meditation can be used to reveal our true nature
  • The vision of Oneness—how a non-dual perspective can help us live with freedom and contentment in the world

Excerpts from various scriptural texts (e.g. Upanishads, Yoga Vashistha, the Bhagavad Gita and Vivekachudamani, also known as Light of Knowledge) will be introduced as part of the teaching. 

However, the focus of this course is on providing the knowledge and the space for students to explore their own lived experience and practise seeing themselves, the world around them and the divine, ever-present Being as one indivisible reality. 

 Students are encouraged to attend the live classes if possible but all the sessions are recorded for those who are unable to attend in person and for those who would like to watch any parts again. If you would like to attend the classes but find the dates or times don’t work for you, please contact me to discuss alternative options. For example, you might choose to watch the recordings but then have a couple of short, complementary zoom meetings with me so you have a chance to have your questions answered.

£125 if paid before the end of December 2022. Or, to ensure your place, you can choose to pay a 50% deposit of £62.50 deposit now and then the second instalment of £62.50 will be due the day before the course starts. From the beginning of January 2022 the price will be £155. The split payment will still be available.

If you have any further questions about the course, I’d be happy to answer them. Please get in touch via my Contact page.