Hi I’m Katharine, 
I’m passionate about sharing the philosophical and spiritual wisdom found in the vedic and yogic scriptures. I know that these ancient texts can sometimes be hard to understand but when the meaning is unravelled, it can lead to a profound sense of wellbeing, connectedness and peace.

I’ve been steeped in this tradition all my life. On my first day of primary school at the age of four I had my first Sanskrit lesson and was introduced to the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads not long after. (Yes, it was a very unusual school!) But the truth is that I was too young to properly understand what it was all about. 

Having gone to a more ‘normal’ secondary school and studied Social Anthropology at university, my life appeared to be taking a very different direction. Until,  while visiting my sister in India in 1995, I met my teacher, Swami Shyam, and had a powerful spiritual opening. I realised that all of the teachings I’d heard at my primary school were not just philosophical concepts but were about me, about what I actually am in reality, about what you are, about what existence is, and that we are One and the same Being.

From then until 2019, my partner Jonty and I spent most of our time living in the ashram in the Himalayas, receiving daily teachings, studying scriptures and meditating under Swamiji’s guidance. 

Now I’m back in the UK and truly love sharing this ancient wisdom with those who wish to be introduced to these teachings or understand them more deeply.