“Your Self is immortal. It cannot be cut by weapons, burnt by fire, wet by water or dried by the wind. It is indestructible. You must realise this.”

– Bhagavad Gita, II, 23

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Hi, I’m Katharine

Wherever you are in life, the ancient wisdom of the vedic and yogic philosophy can transform your daily experience of yourself and the world around you.

I experienced this myself directly when I spent more than fifteen deeply transformative years living and studying under the guidance of a Self-realised sage in an ashram in the Himalayas.

In my online classes and courses I bring the teachings of the ancient Hindu scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras to life. My aim is to make them accessible and understandable while revealing the deepest spiritual knowledge that they contain.

Nine Key Gita Verses

As I say in the video above, when you first pick up the Bhagavad Gita it can be hard to grasp its main themes and message—even to see how it might be relevant in the 21st century! However, it is not only still relevant, but can transform your day-to-day life.
With this in mind, I put together a free e-booklet. Using nine key verses, it contains a clear explanation of some of the most important themes of the Bhagavad Gita. Each of the nine verses comes with a suggestion for a simple practice that will help you come to know its meaning for yourself. 
I’d love you to download a copy and begin to discover this incredible work for yourself. And if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.
Nine Key Verses from the Bhagavad Gita

Highly Recommend

I really enjoyed the Secret of Om class. I did not know much about it at first and Katharine helped me understand the related concepts whenever I had any questions. Now I feel that I have a much better understanding only after 3 classes. Highly recommend this course!

Soo Lyuh

United States

Relatable and Clear

Katharine has an amazing ability to explain everything in a relatable way and with clarity. She delivered the Secret Of Om course in a real-world context, with the overview of different Yogic paths and schools of philosophy. She encourages everyone to ask questions and contribute to discussions openly. She is keen ensure each person feels comfortable and has an academic understanding of the course content, whilst also encouraging self-reflection and meditative practice to make the learning experiential.

Hilary Bradley


Would Recommend

This course was fantastic for someone who’s never read the Gita before. I loved that Katharine dealt with sections of work (themes), rather than reading chapter by chapter. I would recommend the course to anyone who has never read the Gita before but also to those who need to refresh themselves on it.

Samantha Wills


Applying The Teachings

I have many translations of the Bhagavad Gita but really wanted (and needed) a teacher to help guide my understanding. Katharine does a wonderful job of breaking down and explaining verses to help you apply the teachings to your everyday life.

Andi Adkins

United States

Loved The Meditations

Really enjoyed our sessions and the course was just right for me. I had some knowledge about the Gita but only very basic. We went through each session, allowed time to have questions and a discussion and then went into the new one. Loved the meditations after each session too. Katharine is very knowledgable and always ready to answer any questions yet allowed space for us all. Would very highly recommend studying with her.

Judit Barrass


Looking Forward To Taking More Courses

Thank you, Katharine, you have a wonderful, kind, supportive way of teaching which I would recommend to others and I am looking forward to taking more courses with you in the future.

Sue Fryer


A Really Inspiring Teacher

The lessons of The Gita were shared beautifully, not only with passion and spiritual context, but also translated into day-to-day practical techniques and guidance on how to apply the teachings. Katharine is a really inspiring teacher and is available to support your learning (both in the group setting and individually if required), encouraging questions and discussion throughout the course. Katharine draws on her own direct experience and personal journey bringing authenticity and demonstrating her extensive knowledge.

Hilary Bradley


Just What My Soul Needed

I really enjoyed the course Bringing Gita to Life as it was just what my soul needed at the time. I could also very much relate to the topics as they were explained simply and with a lot of attention. The level of the course wasn’t too high or too low, just the right level, where we could enjoy going deeper into the teaching of the Gita each time. Thanks Katharine.

Ildiko Bakos


A Teacher’s Teacher

I came across Katharine through her brilliant newsletter. I have taken The Wisdom of the Gita and The Secret of Om and Advaita Vedanta courses with her. She is a teacher’s teacher who has such a depth of knowledge and understanding of yoga philosophy and yogic texts. As a yoga practitioner and teacher with over 20 years experience she has guided me to a greater understanding and awareness to the ‘state of yoga’ and the part of myself which is unchanging and eternal which has brought a more peace and understanding to my life. Highly recommend.

Kate Beatty


Deeper Insight

“I absolutely loved Katharine’s course on the Yama and Niyama. She is so knowledgeable and manages the group perfectly. I gained a lot from joining the group, including a deeper insight into the yama and niyama, it was also a joy to learn alongside others and meet new people. Looking forward to the next time I can join you for another course!!

Beckie Shuttleworth


Can’t Wait To Learn More!

Thank you so much Katharine for helping me understand the Upanishads. I really appreciate your explanations and your input. I also thank you so much for answering our questions with kindness and gentleness. Can’t wait to learn more!

Pierlo Bolla


Very Well Explained

I recently completed the Advaita Vedanta online course with Katharine. I enjoyed the course very much. The content was very well explained with the use of slides and questions and answer sessions. There was also a WhatsApp group to connect with others on the course and to ask further questions so I never felt alone. The course was also recorded and downloadable so that I can re visit as many times as I like, this is invaluable to me. I would recommend this course if you would like to go deeper into Yoga Philosophy.”

Maxine Thomas